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Hi there!
DeadLightBulb is a Los Angeles based production house/music machine. DeadLightBulb creates sonic art. DeadLightBulb will work with just about anything sound/music wise, but we specialize in unique, unorthodox and/or thought provoking material with a clean, polished and professional feel.

DeadLightBulb was created and is run by vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Jon Prints. Still struggling to make this a somewhat profitable experience, Jon operates DeadLightBulb on donations and a marginal amount of good luck. If you listen to any of Jon's music, and you want to support the artist - please donate. If you are looking to hire Jon Prints or DeadLightBulb, contact them today!

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Thank you for your support!
Jonathon Zacker of DeadLightBulb - Composer/Producer/Performer/Prophet
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